Too Many Shades of Grey

I have never read the book & have no intention of doing so but my title is more apt for Interior Design than the original!
Everywhere we see in magazines and ads the ubiquitous ‘grey’ given so many different names.
I am guilty myself of exploring the use of many & varied greys in a recent Showhouse Interior, but I did so with a clear conscience knowing that no one would actual live there!
It was created to show the house off to its best advantage, not to be somewhere we sleep rest and play daily.
Colour, texture, pattern, light and dark: all of the above go to creating a space which both stimulates & calms with the ebb and flow of our own lives. An absence of these can leaving us needing stimulation from other sources. Don’t believe me? Sit in a beautifully designed home (designed by Eily Roe Interiors of course!) reading a book……you may never want to watch TV again!